To accommodate more people interested in joining us, we're moving our tour dates to September 7 to 15, 2020.

Spend nine days exploring culture and unusual locations in London, Canterbury, Dover, Chartwell, Stroud and other fascinating sites often missed by standard tours.

Itinerary (tentative) More items may be added as we get closer to the tour date.

Here are some things you can look forward to:

  • Enjoying the company of a small group of tour participants (maximum 8 people)
  • Staying in 4- and 5- star hotels
  • Enjoying meals at famous restaurants as well as lesser known eateries favored by locals
  • Traveling in a modern, air-conditioned coach
  • Attending a village circus
  • Visiting Dame Zondra Rhodes’ Fashion and Textile Museum where you will view her designs for people including Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana
  • Taking a “foodie tour” (sampling as you go) on the history of food in Bath, England
  • Seeing the much-anticipated Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum celebrating more than 150 years since the publication of Lewis Carroll’s book
  • Participating in a book discussion and afternoon tea at Persephone Books in London
  • Spending a day in Canterbury, first made famous by Chaucer, touring Canterbury Cathedral and viewing the spot where Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered at the order of King Henry II
  • Seeing Winston Churchill’s papers and paintings at his home at Chartwell and exploring the nearby underground hospital and tunnels used in World War II
  • Viewing the stunning White Cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle
  • Sitting in the jury box at a performance of award-winning “Witness for the Prosecution” in London’s County Courtroom.
  • Walking through Eltham Palace, a medieval palace transformed into “the finest art deco interiors in England”
  • And more!

Fall 2020 Tour

 NEW DATES   September 7-15, 2020 (9 nights)  NEW DATES

Meet the group at the hotel by 12 noon on the 7th and fly home on the 16th.